Will Capcom announce Okami port for Wii?

An anonymous tipster has left us with a questionable but very exciting piece of information to think about. According to the tip: “The game Capcom hasn’t yet formally announced, but soon will, is
Okami for Wii”
Okami, the 18th best PS2 game ever according to IGN, is an action adventure game where players control a god inside the body of a wolf that can use a paintbrush to interact with different game elements. Since the game involves drawing shapes, a DS port has always been a no-brainer in my opinion, but the Wiimote could certainly work wonders compared to an analog stick.
Personally, since Okami has been the first game that’s been able to get my roommate, a complete non gamer since birth, to pick up a controller for hours at a time, the port could do great things for Wii’s game raster.
It’s important to note that this rumor has surfaced before and has technically been shot down by Capcom as of February. From a post on Pro-G:”Speaking anonymously to IGN, an industry insider said that Capcom is “seriously considering” bringing the much loved PS2 game to the Wii. Capcom UK has played down any such port, stating that it currently has “no plans to bring Okami to Wii.””
Is Capcom just extinguishing the rumors from our “insiders” so that they can make the big announcement themselves? Or is there really no plans to port Okami to Wii?