WiiWare details emerge

Wii at AngleHere are the goods steaming from an IGN podcast:

  • Game size limit is 40MB (as opposed to XBLA’s 50)
  • Most game budgets are coming in under $100K
  • Smaller companies are trying some “really weird deals” with their business models in order to keep profit high, and risk low (I have no clue what that’s really supposed to mean)
  • Nintendo to share profits with developers 35%/65% (with devs getting the larger portion – this is evidently very similar to XBLA)
  • If developers can keep their file size down, they will get paid more quickly (this is to entice devs to create smaller games)
  • Prices to be set by the developers themselves
  • Developers are only allowed one release per month in order to keep the quality high

Transcribed by Evil Avatar.