Wii Speak possibility discussion on the forums

With the release of Animal Crossing and the WiiSpeak accessory right around the corner, many Infendo users have been discussing the possibilities of the peripheral. Most have been trying to figure out what possible games Nintendo could be thinking about releasing that use WiiSpeak, others are discussing the other possible uses of it besides voice chat.

However, HyperSonic of the forums believes that there will be a possible Nintendogs release sometime in the future thanks to the peripheral, as quoted below.

Nintendogs Wii: Due to the fact that the motion controls would probably make this more of a pet-happy experience, [and] you can speak commands through Wii Speak, the developers have everything they’d need.

So anyone have any thoughts about the possibilities or where WiiSpeak can bring Nintendo, hit the forums and express yourself with fellow Infendoites.

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