Wii Speak possibility discussion on the forums

With the release of Animal Crossing and the WiiSpeak accessory right around the corner, many Infendo users have been discussing the possibilities of the peripheral. Most have been trying to figure out what possible games Nintendo could be thinking about releasing that use WiiSpeak, others are discussing the other possible uses of it besides voice chat.

However, HyperSonic of the forums believes that there will be a possible Nintendogs release sometime in the future thanks to the peripheral, as quoted below.

Nintendogs Wii: Due to the fact that the motion controls would probably make this more of a pet-happy experience, [and] you can speak commands through Wii Speak, the developers have everything they’d need.

So anyone have any thoughts about the possibilities or where WiiSpeak can bring Nintendo, hit the forums and express yourself with fellow Infendoites.

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  1. Hurray for staff forumites! I knew you existed! That is all. =P

  2. Well, IF Nintendo wants to captalize on the WiiSpeak THE RIGHT WAY!!
    Then they need to go ahead and make downloadable patches for games like Mario Strikers CHARGED, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and more future Wii online games. I mean, it would be great to see a future Star Fox Wii game take controls of the features of WiiSpeak in my opinion. 😉 Imagine this, you can have an online co-op adventure through the whole game with a complete stranger you don’t know. Or you can use the periphial to trash talk against opponents online in VS. Multiplayer Online modes. Or for even Mario Party, it would be a great way to get to know others who are willing to have a good time. Now I’m starting to sound like Nintendo, oh man. -__-

  3. What I think would be a great Idea is that the Wiispeak channel run along side the normal disc channel so even if I’m playing a game that was created before the wiispeak I can still chat with friends. And also be able to use it from the home menu. I don’t think its an unrealistic request but I just want to know if they can do it or not.

  4. What if we can launch the game through the channel?

  5. Yeah. What Elijah said

  6. I think the Nintendogs suggestion is brilliant. Not because I’d really care to purchase it myself, but just because it makes so much sense.

    As far as what I’d like to see out of the peripheral… I honestly have no clue what sort of capabilities Nintendo has with this thing. I mean, yeah, it seems it would be easiest if they could just make it a separate thing, ESPECIALLY if that meant it could be used for games that don’t have compatibility at the moment. But being familiar with Nintendo peripherals of the past, that doesn’t seem very likely at all. I’m guessing it will have to be heavily integrated with only every new title that they deem appropriate, and if that’s the limitations of the system, I understand.

    Other random thoughts of the top of my head that’d be cool:

    -Being able to send and leave voice messages to other Wii systems.
    -GREAT (NOT gimmicky) uses in games for voice recognition. This includes no new unnecessary renditions of Mario Party, Wario Ware, etc that are worse in quality of gameplay as their predecessors with a voice gimmick tagged on.

    That’s really all I’ve got, actually. Just… something that makes it substantially worthwhile for my inevitable purchase of this thing would be nice.

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