Wii vs. GCN graphics


Some games make the case for significantly better graphics, some don’t. If that bothers you this go around, buy a 360 or PS3. Hit the source for more comparisons.

[via Go Nintendo]


  1. Completely unrelated, but, if a publisher released a game based on Cars, and no one bought it, would anybody care?

  2. I’ve always liked the graphics on GameCube, so if Wii is even just a little better, that’s great!

  3. I think it’s all in how you use what you’ve got. Sometimes, having a simpler graphics engine might allow for better manipulation and gameplay.

    But comment aside, we had already heard that the Wii would have better graphics than Xbox (the original Xbox, that is), and some of these screen shots seem to support that rumor.

    Better graphics than the Xbox is not a bad thing at all!

  4. It’s actually give and take with Wii hardware compared to Xbox. Xbox still has more RAM and some other things, while Wii has its advantages.

  5. “Xbox still has more RAM”

    Isn’t the current rumor on the Wii that it has like 88 megs of Ram?

    Doesn’t the xbox have 64?

  6. I dont think that theres really that much of a difference in graphics between
    the systems you can tell but when in motion it would be even harder to tell.
    also how do games for xbox 360 on a standard television compare to the wii?

  7. The Xbox has some hardware edge on Wii, i don’t know what specifically. Must be something else to do with the CPU or GPU, but definitely something developers have to take into account. Some developers were talking about it.

    360 games on standard tvs blow Wii games out of the water. It’s not like Wii somehow specializes in standard def because it doesn’t go HD. All that’s left to compare on an SDTV is hardware muscle, the resolution makes no difference.

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