Wii U is now the same age as the Dreamcast when it was discontinued…

… And Nintendo’s latest console has sold half as much as Sega’s console swan song.

This information comes from MCV writer Ben Parfitt “DreamCast completed it’s global roll-out by November 1999 and was discontinued in March 2001. Technically it was released a year earlier than that in Japan, but even when you remove Japanese DreamCast sales altogether (2.8m out of 10.6m) Wii U sales still lower.”

Back in 1999 Sega first released the Dreamcast to a very lukewarm reception in North America and just a year and five months later it was discontinued due to a lack of interest mainly because of the rise of the Playstation 2 and the recently announced Gamecube. Of course, after Sega’s withdrawal from the console market left the space for Xbox to rise from the ashes.

It’s not too late for the Wii U to come out of limbo and with E3 around the corner Nintendo will hopefully drop a bombshell of an announcement, but if their presentation is as disappointing as it has been in previous years then the Wii U is in a real predicament.

So what do you think Nintendo needs to do to remedy this situation?


Colin Crompton is an avid Nintendo fan since playing ocarina of time and Loves Nintendo handhelds since the GBA. He currently enjoys his 3DS XL. NNID Col1990