Wii to use simulated 5.1? (Dolby Pro Logic II)

It looks like Nintendo will stick with Dolby Pro Logic II, a simulated 5.1 audio technology, for their Wii console. TGV writes: “An article by online publication [UK] IGN has quoted official Wii documents supplied to developers, which amongst other details, includes a line stating that optical digital output won’t be supported by the next-gen console. Instead it seems that the Wii will continue to use the simulated surround sound of Dolby Pro Logic II, which was utilized in GameCube.”

Though inferior to true 5.1 surround, if you’ve heard DPLII, you know how good it sounds. I heard it once a few years back at Circuit City and was very impressed. Any readers have a DPLII receiver for use with the GameCube? If so, how do you like it? Furthermore, do you see this as a problem with Wii or consistant with the console’s graphics engine?

DPLII Tech Specs [Dolby]