Wii: The Biggest Thing at E3 2006

For the record, you’re on a Nintendo fan site. Even still, the most impressive thing at this year’s E3 was Wii. Today I was at the front of the line waiting to get in the expo. Once 9am hit, hundreds of people and media rushed right to Nintendo’s booth. They were freakin’ running like crazy. They weren’t rushing to see the PS3, they weren’t rushing to see 360. They were there to see Wii and came in droves everyday to do so. It was if people were out to get the last bottle of water on a remote island. I even lost my media badge in the stampede.

E3 2006 was all about Wii. Having gotten my hands on the the console several times, it just works. It is not a gimmick. It is a new experience. And though I don’t know if it will revolutionize gaming yet (that’s a tall order), it definitely could if all game issues are resolved and if the controller can in fact work for a majority, if not all game genres. After a hands-on, I’m a believer, and playing really was believing.

This shiny white box of gaming goodness is a thing of beauty. Can’t wait to play it again later this year, and the console made E3 a very memorable time in my gaming history.