Wii Tennis for four

Not bad. Seeing it without the screen is a little weird, but I can envision it pretty well. Who’s Thanksgiving, like mine, looked a lot like this? (minus the sleeveless shirt, natch)

3 Responses to Wii Tennis for four

  1. theJON says:

    Nope, there was no Wii playing during my thanksgiving. It was full of bratty little kids and annoying relatives. I was stuck in the middle of all that without any way to break free.

  2. Prof. Noriaki Kakyouin says:

    Mine was. In fact, after dinner and football was over… the Wii was the hit of the party!

  3. InvisibleMan says:

    Got only TWO remotes, dang it! I’m working on my way to THREE remotes…

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