Wii Sunday in America – my neighbor gets his

Just before 10AM this morning a knock sounded at my door. The coffee pot was still brewing so I wasn’t totally awake. Checking to make sure I was wearing appropriate attire, I answered the door. It was my downstairs neighbor. “David! I got a Wii this morning!” He went to a nearby Target store at 7AM and got one of 70 units they had in stock today. The smile on his face was ear to ear. We started talking about which games were fun and ways to get an extra controller. He said, “I really don’t play video games at all, but I wanted this for parties!”

Later this afternoon I stopped down to see how he was doing. From the hallway I could hear the sweet sounds of Tennis blaring from his surround system.

Did anyone else finally get their Wii this weekend?

[Congrats also go out to Kevin, and thanks for the tip!]