Wii Sports Tennis to have 196 different types of shots

You don’t control the player’s movement in Wii Sports Tennis. That’s a fact. To some it represents a problem, to others who remember games like Duck Hunt or Time Crisis, not so much. Regardless, some people are worried that Wii Sports is still a glorified tech demo.

From Reggie’s intro letter to Kotaku (who just opened up a real live Wii today):

“But don’t be fooled by the seeming simplicity of Wii Sports. The final version goes beyond what you’ve seen in the demos. Tennis alone is so fine-tuned that it can detect some 196 different shots, all depending on [how] (sic) you swing your Wii Remote. But I’ll let you discover all the Wii Sports fun on your own.”

Maybe it is a tech demo, maybe it’s not. That’s pretty dang interesting however. Time will tell — about 9 days worth of time to be exact.