Wii Sports still causing (welcome) aches and pains

495_21wii-600I had to check the dateline on this New York Times Wii article a few times to make sure my sister hadn’t accidentally emailed me an older article from days long gone, but no, this is from yesterday. And it describes a firsthand account of Wii elbow, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.

Basically, Wii Sports is alive and well. That’s great news, and completely unsurprising. It’s also bittersweet. Nintendo created a gem for the ages, and yet no third party developer, to date, has been able or willing to create something that captures the magic of this truly original title. Even solid “blockbuster” titles like GTAIV (with DLC support!) have largely faded away, lacking whatever mystical Nintendo touch has allowed Wii Sports, cheesy Mii bobbleheads and all, to remain relevant three years after its release. Kind of reminds me of Mario, in a way. A minor shame, really.

I think Tiger Woods 10 has a decent shot at lightning in a bottle, but that’s just me. Regardless, I’ve got the Wii Sports itch. Again. And I must bowl.