Wii seen in the wild?!

What the deuce are these?! Viral campaign? The Wii parties mentioned last month starting early? A few Wii’s fell off the back of a truck? Is that level 4-1 in the background?! Anyone who can shed some light on these photos please stand up. Check the link below for more pics from this “Nintendo Party.”

[Thanks, MisterInvisible]

UPDATE: Mom blogger [Picture This] is one of the first to host Wii party. “Confused? Here’s how it began: I get an email with “Nintendo Ambassador” as the subject. I look over it, and send a reply, “I’m sorry but I think you may have sent this by mistake”. Get an email back stating that it was no mistake along with proof that the email is legit (I think I may have asked for them to take me off the spam list or something short and cynical) and that they know who I am (which I’m assuming meant the lowest-tech person stumbling around the blogosphere) and found me through my blog. Wow. OK, interest peaked. After a few more emails back and forth I find myself all signed up as a Nintendo Ambassador. Huh? I basically agreed to have some super hush-hush gamer shindig at my house so a big old bunch of my family and friends could check out the highly anticipated, not yet released Wii Gaming System.”