Wii price revealed? Not quite

Hold onto your hats Infendo, apparently the Wii price was revealed today to Reuters. Oh wait, no it wasn’t. All that happened was a few hundred blogs of much lower ilk than Infendo jumped the gun and started posting entries with the wildly inaccurate and misleading headline “Nintendo reveals Wii price.”

It’s days like this where I really hate the rumor mill. I want to kick it over and smash it into a million little rumor-lite sized pieces so it cannot produce anymore panic-inducing blog posts like the ones that have circulated today. Ones that said “uh oh, Nintendo lied and it looks like the Wii is going to be more expensive than they said it would be!”

Rubbish. The quote in question, from Nintendo’s European marketing guy: “The price has not been decided yet, but I expect it to be … less than 250 euros.” And from this we have a tide of posts claiming that the Wii price has been revealed. Everybody relax, the only things Leipzig has offered up so far are two interesting Wii titles with attractive online play functionality and lots of gameplay for other well-known Wii titles.