Wii potentially the best system of all time

The heading of this post has been murmured by Infendo forum members and Wii fanboys countless times, I’m sure, but today it was given some additional clout by Hirokazu Hamamura, the editor-in-chief of Japanese video game supermag Famitsu.

“Wii definitely could become the most popular console of all time. Non-gamers can see how fun it is just by looking at people playing it, and that’s very different from the PS3 or Xbox 360.”

True, and they can see that the wallets of said Wii gamers will still be relatively full as well. But seriously folks… I have to admit, my immense personal bias towards the Wii aside, I can feel ya barkin’ Hamamura-san. When I watched the 100 or so videos that popped up over the last week of the New York Wii event depicting people swinging their arms, jabbing into the air and smiling, it looked like a heck of a lot of fun. It also looked like something I had never seen before with gaming, and that’s a good thing.