Wii no longer worth stealing?

Mike from Kotaku was robbed over the weekend. The perpetrators took all his home entertainment electronics — including Xbox 360, PS3, 42″ TV — with exception to one, his Wii.

“Why did criminals hell-bent on stripping my entertainment center bare of every piece of electronics bypass the little white box with the glowing blue light on it?” he writes. “Was it an indication of the current status of Nintendo’s console in the industry, or were the perpetrators’ hands full? Should I be thankful or offended?”

He continued, “Or maybe they were just worried I didn’t have any good games for the system. Maybe if they had hit the eject button and noticed Donkey Kong Country Returns was in the tray I wouldn’t even have a Wii right now.”

Amazingly, Mike was grateful, saying it could have been worse.

The news comes as interest in Wii has significantly cooled in the last six months. It’s still the second best selling console currently after Xbox 360, and the best selling console life to date this generation. But given its lack of games this year, and the announcement of its successor, it’s officially cold product.