Wii News Channel debate

As is quickly becoming a tradition, the latest Wii channel dropped a full day early without much fanfare from Nintendo itself. Our brothers in Kyoto seem to be content with letting the blogosphere create the buzz, and we’re happy to oblige. Better your peers tell you what they think of the Channel than some cold, dead press release, right?

That said, who’s kicked the tires? Who’s taken hold of that globe with the A Button and gave it a good hard spin (only to have it land on some obscure city)? Dave was already all over the day one story, so this post is more of your typical day two analysis. What’s missing? How about a nice RSS reader for the layman? Maybe one of you has some enterprising idea kicking around in your head that integrates the Wii News Channel into a game? Have at it, and while you’re at it, give your comment a catchy headline to keep this newsie theme alive.

One gripe right off the bat: No New England area news story about how I beat Twilight Princess last night.