Wii launch title total creeps to 29

Holy nostalgia Infendo, there’s classics coming to the Wii and DS! And when I say classics, I’m not talking SNES or NES, I’m talking MS-DOS, keyboard attached to the console Amiga and Commodore 64. And no, the fact that my neighbor and I played Commodore 64 as kids does not mean I’m a caveman.

Anyway, the newsworthy portion isn’t that U.K.-based System 3 is developing Wii titles, it’s that they are developing two Wii launch titles that weren’t on the fabled “list of 27” that made the rounds this week. According to U.K. magazine Retro Gamer, the titles are Gottlieb Pinball Classics and a golfing simulation called Leadboard.

But the news doesn’t end there. Also getting some love is Impossible Mission which will return to the DS and PSP with two new characters and an ad hoc co-op mode (a PSP version?! Did they lose a bet?!). And no Tom Cruise isn’t in this one, read that title more carefully.

And last but not least, there’s mention of California Games, a game which resulted in many a broken controller as I fruitlessly tried to complete the BMX level without falling on my face.