Kids Like Mario

Mario took three spots on the top five of Today’s Toy Test 2005.

  1. Burnout Revenge
  2. Super Mario Strikers
  3. Mario Superstar Baseball
  4. Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
  5. EyeToy Play 2

Toy Test is a yearly survey that aims to determine what will be popular during the holiday season. This year, 11,000 kids were surveyed after being allowed to play 63 titles setup in a special Toy Test arcade in Seattle.

“Since many hit video games are rather violent, we set a few rules: no shooting and no stabbing of human characters on-screen. Nothing in our “Toy Test” arcade could be rated higher than teen. Players got to test drive a title for up to 20 minutes. Then they rated the game for us from terrible to most excellent.”

Toy Test 2005 Results

[Source: Joystiq]