Wii invite you to Leipzig

Very misleading. I can’t invite you to the Leipzig conference anymore so that I can push out eggs, Yoshi-style, that contain shiny brand new Wii consoles. But what I can do is produce the translated Wii event press invitation that IGN got for being a big and powerful corporate web site:

8/23/06 Games Convention / Messe Leipzig

10:15, Nintendo Booth, Hall 5, F01

Be there when a new chapter is turned in the history of gaming. Dive into the world of Wii and make yourself a picture of the animated future of gaming.

Games that will touch generations.

Wii and where?

At the press show of the Games Convention, to which we hereby invite you cordially.

I kid IGN, really. I’m just insanely jealous this morning, and they have such great advertisements too.

Update: Thanks to Infendo reader Badges (oh, i get it…), we now have the official scan. I am really digging the raised back.