Wii-gasm of Video

E3 impressions from my bird’s eye view.

Super Smash Bros Brawl– The trailer starts with an incredible score and Link, Mario, Pikachu, and Kirby transforming from their GameCube polygonal bodies into their Wii-tastic detailed character models. Pit, Metaknight, Samus, and Wario soon join the fray. Interestingly, when Snake comes in, his typical Snake humor fits perfectly with Smash Bros’.

Madden 2007– I know that Madden 07 looks alot better on PS3 and 360, but hot damn does it look great in motion on Wii. The player animations bump the realism factor way up and graphics are at least better than any current-gen Madden. Don’t know how well it plays, but it certainly looks delish.

Red Steel– The controls seem a little off, but the graphical polish is there. Ubisoft is putting alot of details into the visuals, gunplay, and AI, which is good. Swordfighting resembles a minigame and doesn’t seem to play like i’d hoped. Definitely won’t be a standout title in this lineup.

Excite Truck– ET looks like loads of fun, but it seems as if there’s a tiny bit of lag between the sideways remote and the on-screen truck you’re driving. If they fix the responsiveness, it might be a giant.

Project H.A.M.M.E.R.– This one resembles some Unreal Engine stuff in presentation. Move the cyborg with the nunchuk, use the remote as a hammer, bang away. Destructible cars and objects fall apart is beautiful ways.

Sonic WildFire– Sonic is finally getting a good 3D incarnation with this one. Run straight through a level like in Sonic Adventure, but steer left to right and attack with your horizontal remote. The camera work in this game is something to behold, complemented by the gorgeous environments he blazes through and the mach 3 sense of speed.

Super Mario Galaxy– SMG is already my fave E3 game. It’s probably the most beautiful and fun-looking single player game on Wii. That next-gen shine, the outer space setting, the unique remote functions, the magical feeling of it all…i’m sold.

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption– Polygon counts aren’t significantly higher here, this demo’s good looks lie in its sharpness and cleanness. The animations are a work of art, like when Samus extends her shiny orange arm to open a door, with fingers flexing in a very natural way. With the revmote, her arm cannon isn’t tied to the camera as much, lending it remarkable realism since it’s your own hand moving the cannon.