Wii for Dummies hopes to make you smarter

Kyle Orland, a generous colleague and former blogmate of mine at Joystiq, has released his first book, Wii For Dummies. It’s probably more intended for your mom and grandpa who still don’t know what a Wii Channel is, but informed Wii owners like yourself might still be interested in:

* Ways to prevent damage to — and from — Wii remotes
* How to use the Wii’s full-featured Web browser
* Tips on choosing games
* How to enjoy photos, videos, and slideshows on your Wii
* All about the Wii Message Board
* Five hot Wii-specific Web sites
* How to customize the Channels menu
* Cool Wii games you can download

Jack will have a review posted later this month. You can snag the book from Amazon for $15.