Wii Fit coming January 1, 2008 say retailers

Wii Fit
While I despise using online retailers as release date sources, the newest EB Games and Amazon listings for a January 1 Wii Fit launch have added merit; Nintendo would be stupid not to release a health product on the same day as New Year resolutions, 99 percent of which are to lose weight.

Additionally, both retailers list WiiFit at $70. Call me casual — I don’t care — but this thing (not to mention the ski jumping mini-game) has my chunky self excited. Anyone else planning on buying this?


  1. I love how it’s tagged under “Fat People”. As I do fit into that category, I too will be picking this up and hopefully using it when I get home from a hard days work and start my “get fit for my wedding” routine.

    I was genuinely excited for this title as it presented an opportunity to play games in a new light (as Wii Sports did) as well as focus on health. I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore gamer (I do enjoy difficult traditional games, but have little time to devote to them), but am definitely open for more unique experiences which I believe Wii Fit will bring.

  2. no. i have no interest in wiifit. i think it’s a cool concept, but i have no need for an exercise video game. i’ll ride my bike, thank you very much.

  3. Jared, will you also eat delicious 6 inch turkey subs from Subway?

    I’m still on the fence with WiiFit.
    I’m already in pretty good shape from my job, but I wouldn’t be against getting more exercise, especially if fun… but from what I’ve seen, it’s more yoga type training… and it doesn’t look active enough to actually burn calories on any one but excessively large people who would normally get ZERO exercise.

    I’ll wait until it’s out and try it at my fat friends house.

  4. Ill be outta money by that time (thanks, Jack. lol)

  5. Count me in. I love the New Year’s Resolution tie in. Brilliant!

  6. Since I can’t ride my bike over 5 inches of snow here in Chicago, I think I’ll be picking this one up. If I can get out of my house in this sub-artic weather.

  7. I’m pretty trim, I don’t exercise one bit (except for when I’m running around at work), and I’ll be 29 on New Year’s Day. The men in my family begin to balloon in weight around age 30, so I know all too well that my clock is ticking.

    January 1st sounds really, really good. New Year’s resolution-themed advertising in combination with leftover gift cards from the holidays is a recipe (ha!) for sweet success.

  8. Of course I’ll buy. But I’m as interested in it for the cool game control applications as I am for the fitness.

    Next up they should sell Wii’ls – wheel cups you place under your furniture’s legs so you can roll them out of the way while you play.

  9. fucking Nintendo, they are out to get our money!!!, The bad thing is here in Mexico on January 1, all the stores are closed, you know because everyone either had too much drinky drinky and ate too much before making the resolutions for next year….

  10. Well, not that this really matters, whenever a video game’s “release date” is announced, that date (in this case, January 1) is nearly always just the SHIPPING date; this means we won’t be able to purchase WiiFit until January 2, at the earliest. Of course, this is if the retailer’s date is correct, which, in my opinion, probably is not: I have yet to see GameStop OR Amazon to nail a video game’s release date (especially if it’s a Nintendo title) before it is announced officially by the company who created it.

  11. But speaking of Wii games of 2008 – and not to stray too far from this topic – when on earth are we going to find out more about Mario Kart Wii? I mean, I understand that we still have a lot to find out about Galaxy, Battalion Wars 2, and Smash (among others, all of which are set to be released by the end of ’07)… But we’ve seen nothing but a few screens, a short, poor-quality video, the “Wii Wheel” (though I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the final design), and… I think confirmation of online play? Or at least, I would assume so, seeing the success of Mario Kart DS.

  12. Zero interest.

  13. I think I’ll stick with DDR.

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