Wii featured on ESPN’s morning show

Infendo reader T Richter emails: “Cold Pizza is a terrible show, but I thought I’d mention that ESPN just had a segment about the Wii on their Sports/Talk show Cold Pizza. The hosts played tennis on Wii Sports, while the resident Cold Pizza ‘gaming expert’ droned on about the console. The system itself came across very well, with both the host and the expert displaying enthusiasm for the machine, to the point that the host actually commented on how the expert seemed to be enjoying the system and anticipating the launch of the Wii. Footage from multiple games was shown, with a bit of emphasis on Madden ’07 (for obvious reasons), as well as the Twilight Princess trailer (with a few shots I’d not seen before) and the virtual console, displaying Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario World and Mario 64. Basically they gave it a glowing review, heaped it with praise and even said ‘this is what games should be, fun.'”