Wii enthusiast takes hot chocolate to PS3 line

A blogger by the name of Jimmy Canuk took hot chocolate to cold PS3 linees today after reports of violence and rioting at several locations. Here’s a snippit form his blog:

“I had to pop into my local Best Buy this morning and saw about a dozen fanboys and one nice grandma huddled under plastic tarps and tents to keep themselves out of the freezing rain. So I drove across the parking lot to Tim Horton’s and brought them all back hot chocolate. I thought about writing ‘Buy a Wii instead’ on the bottoms of all the cups, but by the time I thought of it they were already full of delicious chocolately goodness. It’s an easy thing to do, especially if there aren’t too many line campers in your area – so on your way home from work today stop by your local PS3 line-up and do something nice.. After all, these people might be trampled to death at any moment.”

Coolest game related story I’ve read all year.