Wii didn’t hit a home run, it’s just that Xbox 360 and PS3 failed

There is an interesting article on Kotaku discussing the cat fight between Microsoft and Sony as they duke it out for second place. “Some console war,” quips blogger Brian Ashcraft.

But perhaps the most interesting commentary stemming from the article is the eighth comment down: “I’ve only bought a Wii,” says reader Balius. “The prohibitively high price of the PS3 (including upgrading my media center to high def to get some gain out of it), the high failure rate of the 360, and a general lack of games I’d personally want to buy on both systems has kept me from buying either of the competitors.

“It’s not that the Wii is so great, though it is fun as a social event, it’s that Sony and Microsoft have failed, in my opinion, this generation.”

Agree? Disagree?