Wii demand rises in Japan in wake of launch


I Suppose this is obvious to some, but the demand for Nintendo’s new console has risen considerably amongst the Japanese from this time last year. According to the Computer Entertainment Software Association and its annual study of Japanese game consumers, 48.9% of game consumers say they are interested in acquiring Wii, compared with 20.9% this time last year.

And that little money making machine the DS has gained ground as well, with 54.3% of respondents already owning a DS (up from 26.8% in 2005), and the “intent to buy a DS” also increasing from 13.7% to 19.1%.

Great, popularity has built even more. But, Infendo regulars, what’s it going to take to sustain it?

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  1. The DS, to stay popular, needs a continual release calendar of great games. On the other hand, the Wii has some breathing room, as most people that will buy it at the beginning are hardcore. Once the launch surge is over, probably around Feb., Nintendo better bring out the big guns. Also, think about it. Japan got no PS3’s, and the Xbox is clearly off everyone’s radar. The Wii’s only competition is the PS2. And that’s pretty good, considering what it has to offer.

  2. The only thing needed to sustain this is a continous scarcity of PS3s….

  3. Games (and for this, continued 3rd Party Support). The lack of this key component was the reason behind the lower sales of the past 2 systems. If the Wii continues to sell, we’ll continue to see games made for the system. If we continue to see games made for the system, it will continue to sell. Yin and Yang.

    It’s funny actually, because this go-round the developers are sitting and waiting to see the PS3’s performance in the market before really rallying behind it(aside from big companies like EA and UBI), and this same thing happened to Nintendo with the Gamecube and consequently killed it.

    The Wii’s early bandwagon status may end being indicative of a very healthy future for the console. Time will tell.

  4. All good posts, but consider the weak launch and even post-launch line-up for the DS. I got one for Christmas, not having owned any console since the N64, not because of Nintendo loyalty (I was more loyal to the PC than anything) but simply based on one playtest of Hunters at EB. It had that much promise for me: HOWEVER: i was initially let down by the lack of titles. We all had to wait a good six months or longer before the AAA titles started to roll out.

    The Wii, on the other hand, is in a slightly different situation. While the launch lineup is very strong (one of the strongest in quite a while), the post-launch situation seems to be similar to the DS, at least until March or April. A decent title here and there in between of course (much like WarioWare for the DS was), but nothing groundbreaking until possibly Metroid or Mario.

    The point is that wii ought to be fine: a post-launch drought is normal, and in the DS’s case, didn’t slow it down at all.

  5. Ummm, the “wake” comes after something, not before it.

    3. in the wake of,
    a. as a result of: An investigation followed in the wake of the scandal.
    b. succeeding; following: in the wake of the pioneers.


  6. Controls controls controls.

    I’ve played Zelda, TC: Second opinion and Wii Sports and the controls just aren’t good enough for me.

    Trauma Center being the best of the three, still has a little ways to go before I’d be truly satisfied. Everything works perfectly except for instances where the game is detecting your controller’s depth. (ie. using the defribulator or diffusing the bomb.)
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Wii Sports is the worst of the three.

    I don’t feel like going to detail right now.
    Does anyone share my feelings?

  7. no.

  8. Ryuben, you’re crazy.

  9. lol.

    Fair enough.

  10. “Ummm, the “wake” comes after something, not before it.”

    The post title is referring to the US launch.

  11. Wii Sports is very fun, I love that boxing game, but I think it’s more because I’m very macho…

  12. Just have to say this: that image of a lonely PS3 en 360 peering through that window made my day! 🙂

  13. I’ve been wondering if someone will bring up the controls, because I’m not 100% satisfied with them so far. More like 95%…

    Does anyone else experience a miniscule delay of about 1/4 sec for their remotes? I notice that for any action in any application or game there’s a small hesitation. Not enough to really throw anything off, but still noticeable. It seems to be some kind of wireless lag and I have difficulty believing it’s just my system.

    Also the wireless seems slightly glitchy and uncooperative–slightly, I say, and mainly when used as a pointer–at times.

    I still love my Wii! These are tiny flaws that I describe, but I have noticed them nevertheless. That, and a few other issues (crappy remote speaker, useless Wii Channels, etc.) make it difficult for me to regard the Wii as the Second Coming I had hoped for. Instead I consider it a wonderful system whose imperfections merely indicate areas Nintendo will improve on next time.

    (And for some reason I’m not convinced we’ll have to wait another five years until Nintendo’s next move… Especially when PS3 really gets its act together and Wii games start looking like CGA…)

  14. I have most definitely experienced issues with the Wii’s controls. In my case however, it has not been lag. (Except in Wii Sports: Golf)

    I really hope that it is the fault of the software and not the hardware. I have heard in the past that Nintendo did not use focus groups when creating the Wii. If true, it would certainly explain a lot. I often feel that I have to compensate for a game’s control quirks in order to control it the way that I want. In doing so, I can only ever control a game just well enough to play it but never well enough to feel in complete control of what I’m doing. I hope and pray that this changes with time.

    I fear I may be getting a false reputation as a Nintendo hater but this could not be further from the truth. Nintendo is the only one of the three home console companies that I feel would be absolutely devastating to lose. With production costs skyrocketing, who else but Nintendo can we really count on to support games that don’t suffer from the “Hollywood” syndrome?

  15. Ruben take it easy, you Nintendo hater. Everything you said is true.

    I don’t give a damn if post launch droughts are normal, it doesn’t make them any less painful. With the DS, it was a similar situation. Launched in November, and by Feb, you could either buy the new WarioWare or resort to the garbage leftovers of launch. Wii: same, but change Feb to Jan. You can take solace in the fact that Wii’s WarioWare looks crazy better, but one title every couple months does not give the consumer much choice. Look at Japan’s Wii. Not only do they get an insane amount of fresh new games at launch, but they also get an insane amount of VC titles by the New Year. Mind you it launches on the 2nd of December, so in a shorter amount of time it will get more VC content than North American Wiis.

    The only thing this launch has proved to me is that Wii Sports is fun. From Nintendo’s perspective, a post-launch drought is passable. From where i’m standing, it’s inexcusable. Let’s focus less on what’s benefitting Nintendo’s business and more on what they should do to keep avid and casual Wii owners happy.

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