Wii controller manufacturing issues

In the words of the great Sam Jackson, hold onto your butts Infendo. The latest news out of Japan this morning is that the Wiimote is having some quality assurance issues at a manufacturing plant in China that one magazine is speculating could affect the launch date. Seems that there are some button sensitivity issues where they are not responding as they should when pressed, or they don’t even respond at all when two buttons are depressed simultaneously. There is also word of “strange noises” coming from the controller during use.

The original article is in Chinese, but Go Nintendo has a stable of translators working on it in an attempt the glean what exactly is going on in the Land of the Rising Sun (and China). We’ll keep you posted on updates as they occur.

Note that this unconfirmed snafu has only affected the controller, and not the console. And before you go thinking this is why there’s no launch date or price, remember that the Xbox 360 was announced on Sept. 15 2005, which just so happens to be a significant date for Nintendo this year. The trustworthiness of this PC site has also not been confirmed.

UPDATE: My BS meter hit the roof when I read this article this morning. PSP’s and Wii manufactured under the same roof? Trade secret violation right there. This isn’t even a rumor in my opinion anymore, considering IGN has confirmed in the past final build Wii’s are already in use.