Wii Classic Controller Contest – ends today!

[Reminder: this contest ends today at 4PM Eastern time!]

It’s hard to get a Wii, but it’s almost as hard to find a Classic Controller. Now that the Virtual Console has some great classics available, it’s time to play them with the appropriate controller. Infendo is giving away one Classic Controller. To enter the contest, just send an email to contests@infendo.com with the subject “I WANT A CLASSIC CONTROLLER!” and tell us your name, city, and why you want a Classic Controller. Maybe you want to play Super Mario World without developing Wavebird Claw Hand or maybe you want to try fabricating your own Wii Remote connector. Don’t mess around, though. The contest ends Friday, February 23rd, 2007, at 4PM Eastern time. And yes, we’ll ship it internationally! Let us know why you want a Classic Controller and you might win!

One entry per person ONLY. Duplicates or trixie gamers will be disqualified.

[Note: Infendo writers and partners cannot enter this contest. Boo!]