Wii battles breast cancer

WiiBrothers in gaming 4cr found this gem buried in some overall fitness articles about the Wii:

Buried at the bottom of a couple mainstream articles about the Wii is a slightly different take on the whole “fitness” phenomenon. Mary Jane Zamora is a 50 year old woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2005. After a round of chemotherapy she found herself weakened, too tired to get off the couch. It was then that her daughters brought out the Wii for her to play. Although “exhausting” at first, she was soon playing everyday.

Soon after her recovery she rejoined her bowling league and was deemed its most improved player. “What this game did for me was encourage me that I could still do these kind of things. It came around when I needed it.” Zamora said that the Wii and its games helped her to visualize her new life, after cancer.

Can the Wii help everyone with their fitness/health problems? No. But the fact that it’s doing something where once there was nothing is pretty amazing.