Why video game sales shouldn’t matter to gamers

I’ll admit, tracking monthly console sales can be a fun diversion. It’s always nice to see how one of your horses is doing in a race. But man has the focus on sales gotten out of hand, because playing games is a lot more fun than looking at spreadsheets. Imaginative designer Tim Schafer explains:

If your money or livelihood is dependent on a game, then you should concern yourself with its sales. But if it isn’t, then you should try to relax and just enjoy playing them… The market and game executives do not dictate what games get made’They just dictate what gets made easily. As long as there are creative people out there willing to fight for ideas they care about, then there is nothing that the market or anyone else can do to stop them.

Well said. Now enough of this incessant coverage of “industry,” “SKUs,” “attachment rates,” “journalism,” etc. It’s boring.