Why I Like Nintendo

“Why do I like Nintendo? A few reasons. I grew up with the systems & the characters, they’ve made some of the best games on the market, and they always put making gaming consoles before making ‘mediacenters.’ However, despite all this, I think what I like most about Nintendo is the way it is more of a company of people who like to play games, make games, and sell games to people, in that order, as opposed to Sony and Microsoft, who seem to have it the other way around.”

– Nicholas Bale

Why do you like Nintendo?


  1. I think it’s just what I grew up on. I like being different, so playing Nintendo is definatly that ’cause it’s a minority company. I don’t play games 24/7 so when I do, I know I can expect Nintendo to deliver everytime.

    Satisfaction gauranteed.

  2. I agree with Ano, that today Nintendo is only played by a smaller minority and I like being different.
    But on the other hand I agree with Nicholas on the point that Nintendo is a “good” company. Of course they want to make money, but that’s not what this company is about.
    There are only a few other companys that I would call “good” because they really try to give the customer a great experience as a primary goal.
    And finally, yeah, we all grew up with them didn’t we ?

  3. I fully agree on concentrating on making games consoles – thats what makes them special. My final project at university was an advertising campaign for the gamecube in 2001. After research and whotnot, i came up with the slogan – play games, not movies. I think this sums it up. Still can’t get my head around the sony brand, i try to like it but can’t!

  4. Holy crow, those are my words! Awesome.

    Heh, play games, not movies. I like that. I definately can think of a couple games that swam against that flow (*coughcoughXenosagacoughcough*)

  5. Nintendo fundamentally understands what makes games fun. They understand that more polygons/second don’t necessarily make better games. They make mistakes (Virtual Boy) but are still willing to take risks (the Revolution controller). They also understand that a company has to make money right now and not make wild ass predictions about how the market will evolve. They are smart enough to stay out of the Sony/Microsoft console battle. The tend to de-emphasize blood and gore titles (I see enough of that on the news, thank you).

    I would highly reccomend the book “Game Over : Press Start to Continue” by David Sheff, if you want to understand how they operate, and why I admire them as a company.

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