Why I Like Nintendo

The very talented Scott Johnson from ExtraLife shares his thoughts on the company most of us appreciate. He writes: “In this world of technical showmanship and ‘?my graphics are better than your graphics?,’ I just want to slow down time and tell the world to chill for a minute. When everyone else seems to want bigger guns, louder explosions, and more realistic skin textures the more I want to shut the door, sit down, and save the princess.”

[Thanks, Scott]


  1. Totally .. I want to escape reality, not be immersed in more of it.

  2. Absolutely…
    The emphasis on ‘how you play’ instead of ‘get more of the same, only prettier’ has expanded the market for Nintendo, while competitors, by giving more power, can only attract the hardcore gamers.
    But it’s all been said before repeatedly in these forums…

  3. You guys are evil twins.

    …It had to be said.

  4. I work weekend nights in a hospital ER, dealing directly with ODing junkies, gunshot victims, high-as-a-kite seizure patients who like to throw punches, car accident victims with exposed bits of skull, and the like. The last thing I want to see after a 12-hour Saturday night shift is more blood and guts. I see and smell enough of it already in real life, dammit.

    So I’ll stick with my Zeldas and Pikmins and Marios, thank you very much.

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