BIT.TRIP SAGA comes to 3DS


Indy game studio Gaijin Games struck gold with the BIT.TRIP series for WiiWare with simple but addictive gameplay and wonderful “interactive soundtracks.” If you missed out on the games the first time and happen to own a 3DS I have news that may interest you.

BIT.TRIP SAGA will be a compilation of a six (BEAT, RUNNER, VOID, FLUX, CORE, FATE) games on one convenient 3DS cartridge. Needless to say, all of the games will be in 3D, taking an already TRIPPY game to a whole new dimension.

Has anyone played the originals? Will you be picking up the super combo pack?


Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.