Why a router?

Does anyone know why Nintendo would launch a branded router as reported? Wireless routers (even USB ones) are a dime a dozen. I guess they could earn a few extra bucks, but I just don’t see the logic behind this move if it were in fact true.

Am I missing something?


  1. All in the name of making it easier for consumers one would suppose. I assume that this one is set up specifically to operate with then Revolution, and reduce or eliminate any need for any special configuration on the part of the user.

  2. I think they want to make some money and they want to offer a very easy way t oset the Wi-Fi connection up. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi router already and are a novice user, it’ll be pretty hard to buy the right router and set it up right. So I think this is a pretty good idea.
    I’m gonna buy it….

  3. Me too…

  4. It is obvious that for people who don’t have wireless that this is a good way to go. That is all.

  5. I think the main reason is that they’ll have a device shipping that will have the least amount of setup required. The last thing Nintendo wants is hordes of WiFi DS/Rev users calling with problems installing wireless routers.

    My concern is that Nintendo still haven’t announced that protected networks such as WAP and WEP will be supported, and how your network settings will be able to be stored on the DS.

  6. Its for people like me. I’m a very loyal Nitnendo fan (but not fanboy) who doesn’t own a wireless router and doesn’t wanna be jipped when he buys one for DS and Revolution online play. Its going to be simple and cheap and made specifically for DS and Revolution, which are the only two things I’d use it on.

  7. any speculation on price?

  8. I’ve heard figures of US$20 being bandied about.

    Don’t quote me on that though! :o)

  9. Nintendo might, just might, this is all just coming from forum talk, but they might make value packs with animal crossing and mario kart with the router.

  10. i hope its only 20 dollars…if so ill get it the day i get the system!!!! 😉

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