Who said anything about a Nintendo Drought?

Right about now is that special time when lazy columnists begin to write “do you think Nintendo can keep this up?” columns about the longevity of the Wii. The old Nintendo Drought chestnut is wheeled out and dusted off (it’s shaped like a GameCube), and everyone starts to get nervous that Nintendo is going to spontaneously cut off the game supply to its latest home console for no real reason other than that’s what “gaming journalists” say is going to happen. Well, take a breather everyone, and check out that graph. While it says nothing of game quality, it says volumes about game quantity, especially when compared to Nintendo’s last two systems.

Games Radar, who fashioned this beaut, points out the big dark cloud that surrounds this silver lining though, and buzzkills my fun:

But, crucially, only a handful of the games are purpose-built for Wii, employing the console’s exciting features – and only a few of those are worth spuffing your cash on. Meanwhile April is looking excruciatingly lean, and there’s little hope of a killer game exploding out of nowhere in the coming months.

Wii might not be suffering a severe shortage by Nintendo’s previous poor standards, but without the thrills of Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3 to keep that momentum going, a summer video game drought for Wii is almost certainly on the cards

It’s still “too early to tell.”

[Thanks, Josh]