Who feels like they need a plastic racing wheel for their 3DS? [update]

Nintendo is planning a new scheme to make money peripheral for it’s newest handheld the 3DS, and it happens to be rather familiar. In fact, it happens to be the same peripheral that launched with a previous game of the same name, Mario Kart. 

Mario Kart 7 will receive an officially licensed steering wheel from Nintendo 3rd party steering wheel from Hori this winter for the 3DS. While the wheel has only been officially announced for release in Japan, I have a sneaking suspicion that this money making piece of plastic will hit retail shelves everywhere when Mario Kart 7 launches later this year. The device will be available for 1,280 yen when it launches in Japan.

While I can certainly get behind a new Mario Kart game for the 3DS, I’m not sure if I’m ready to lug around a bulky piece of plastic anytime I want to play Mario Kart 7 of the bus. I think I will stick with the circle pad to control my kart, thanks. What say you Infendo? Will you be picking one of these bad boys up?

Thanks LegendofPaperZelda for the correction. I misread the original article and assumed it was an official Nintendo peripheral, my bad.

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  1. stop it.

  2. Oh geez, I don’t know how well that will work. I think if I ever do buy it, I agree I’ll stick to a control pad a buttons.

  3. I love the Wii Wheel: It’s part of the unique fun of Mk Wii.

    But for the 3DS? I don’t think so…UNLESS the first-person tilt control mode is so much fun that I get to thinking, “Y’know…that stupid-looking wheel might actually work here…”

    Then I can use it on the bus while making loud Vrrrooom vvrrroooommm noises!

  4. It’s a 3rd party peripheral made by Hori. Their have always been stupid 3rd party peripherals, don’t blame Nintendo. Just because they made the Wii Wheel don’t just assume they made this. Goodness…

  5. @LegendofPaperZelda

    You’re right. Correction made.

  6. What LegendofPaperZelda said.

  7. I really hate the 3DS tries to combine a fixed 3D-angle and moving the thing all around. I lose the sweet spot when looking around in Ocarina of Time, there’s no way I’m going to control MK7 like that.
    I know you can turn off 3D, but I actually like it.

  8. It’s something that scares me. I just would not trust a piece of inset plastic to hold my 250$. Maybe it’d be fun, idk, but I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it like that.

  9. Man that looks stupid!

  10. looks nice but unnecicary, it really isnt that uncomfortable to hold your 3ds and turn it around (thought dont know whyd u do that if you wana play in 3d) without that thing, it was a good thing for the wii though because it was more comfortable and did not affect how you saw the game though
    soooo no not gona get it

  11. So, psychologically, would this not be the closest thing to playing an arcade racing game? If that got the controls right, they could, and the 3D effect could be first-person driving…. interesting possibility….

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