Where Do Babies Come From? Impressions

Kotaku has posted some initial impressions of Sega’s Where Do Babies Come From?, the follow up game to Feel the Magic for the DS. They’ve liked what they’ve played so far and say it’s more well crafted than the first. Follow the link to read more.

On a side note, sometimes the premise of Japanese games just twerk my brain, like this one for example. Westerners seem to appreciate Metroid, while the Japanese enjoy titles such as DS Adult Brain Training. Not that one title is more fun than the other, just an interesting cultural difference in gaming.

Are you an intercontinental gamer, or do you stick with what you know?

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. I am an intercontinental gamer…..
    Wish they released Brain Training over here…if you stick to what you know, you’ll never get a sweet surprise!

  2. American publishers need to start taking risks…

  3. Most of them only take risks with FPS. Therefore u can’t really call that a risk. Well, there goes that.

    I can’t even answer the genre poll. I’ll play anything and have no favorites.

  4. Where I feel you’re slightly wrong is in the remark of DS Brain Training. If you remember Dancs concept review over at Lost Garden he chose to label it sort of a vitamin rather than a game, and from what I’ve read I agree.

    Labeling Brain Training a game is missing the point. It’s not, and it’s not meant to be.

  5. No one called it a game.

  6. “[…]Not that one title is more fun than the other, just an interesting cultural difference in gaming.”

    ‘Gaming’ seems to imply ‘games’ to me. For an example, I state before you in this court that it is not ‘gaming’ if I eat a banana. Neither, lo and behold, is it gaming if I use my Palm Pilot to see what meetings I have to attend today (This is nothing more than an example. There are no important meetings in my hollow shell of a life).

    I would put DS Brain Training firmly out of the camp of ‘games’, and therefore out of the specialized camp of ‘gamers’. I will agree, however, that it is an interesting use of a chiefly ‘gaming’ machine.

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