What’s your favorite game-specific forum?

1112028_wag_555s_dirty_mone.jpgThe following is a paid review: ZeldaGamers.com offered filthy lucre to the Infendo overlords in exchange for a name drop, link love, and review of their Zelda forum. This is a first for Infendo; consider it a pilot for now, provided there’s no reader or internal backlash. We welcome your feedback on this advertorial in the comments.

First, a quick rundown of what Zelda Gamers appears to be: A clean-looking Zelda forum that obviously ganked its aesthetic from Zelda.com proper, including the background image. The site currently boasts 3,472 members (hopefully most are humans, not Daft Punk robots) and doesn’t have any running ads at the moment, unlike our ugly (but smart!) forums. In addition to general discussion and Zelda specific message boards, a video game section is also present. Zelda Gamers is currently the second most popular Zelda message board, according to Google.

On that note, I thought I’d ask: What’s your favorite game-specific website, if any? I currently don’t affiliate with any franchise-specific community, opting instead for the much larger scope but focused discussion on sites like Infendo, GamePro, Crispy Gamer, Kotaku, and Evil Avatar. I’ve come across several game-specific forums during my time on the internets but have never joined. You?