What’s the deal with a lack of Nintendo support at Blockbuster?

225 Blockbuster VideoI’ve got a bone to pick with Blockbuster Video: why doesn’t the company stock more Nintendo titles for rental, especially when considering the immense success of DS and early success of Wii? I don’t rent games that often, but even the struggling PSP gets more rental love than the DS and Wii. Has anyone else noticed this? If not, just go look at the number of games on the store’s shelves.

Perhaps Nintendo just has a poopsky relationship with the US’s largest rental store. Either that or Blockbuster still distrusts the Kiyoto-based company from the poor selling GameCube days. But seriously, I would think Blockbuster could be banking on the current Nintendo popularity with fans of the DS and Wii getting more games for rental. That’s what I call a win-win.