What’s in a name?

One of the first thing mentioned in last night’s comments, was that the Revolution logo was no where to be seen. Do you like that? Most of you know I’ve never been a big fan of the name or the logo, but what’s your opinion?

When would they reveal a name? Anyone remember how long before the GameCube release was the code-named changed from Dolphin?


  1. Maybe they still plan to hold a Spaceworld event. They still have a lot to reveal. Name, games, release date, price…

  2. Well all i can say is that the revolution logo was ugly…lol

  3. yea… the logo wasn’t great… but its a good name… and a lot of people are already using it… i vote they call it… nintendo… self titled version… so this system can be dubbed… drum roll!!.. N…

  4. I have no idea what name they could give it. You know I think Famicom 2 or something like that would be a great name. It puts the Fami(ly) back in Nintendos console and that is exactly what they want to achieve.
    I liked “Revolution” a lot, but imho it’s not the best name for a console, great code-name, but not suitable for stores and so on……
    Well…they can give it any name they like, just don’t call it Ultra 64 😉 that code-name sucked 😀

  5. I think they’ll call it Nintendo On. Now that we now for sure that you can turn on or off your console from the remote.

  6. How bout Just Nintendo

  7. Anyone remember hearing Nintendo 21? What did you think of that name? I thought it was rather boring; 64 worked, but the whole number thing can only work once, in my opinion.

    I’m so used to calling it Revolution that even if they change it I’m most likely going to refer to it as the “Rev” or “Revolution” for a long time – At first I wasn’t too fond of the name but now.. I really like it!

    What else could I see them naming it…

    Nintevolution? That’s a mouth full, haha.

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