Mario Kart DS Battle Mode Galore!

From Flickr: “Happy: playing Mario Kart DS battle mode. Sad: Seeing grown men blowing into the mic to blow up balloons. Another example of the Nintendo DS making people look like happy fools.”

[Source: Flickr]


  1. I’ve been playing Mario Kart Local VS and battle to some of my friends on the bus or in the movies (before the movie started)

    You should see the faces of people when they see us =p
    I’m 21 years old, and my other friends are also between 20 and 18

    Tons of fun, no matter what age, I just want other people to realise 😉

  2. I can blow up my balloons!? Shit, I knew I shoulda read the instructions…

  3. yeah you can use the select button too, but you blow up the balloons much faster when blowing in the mic.

  4. I know lots of peeps’ll be older than me, but I’m just saying some think the DS is for kids, silly games and yadda yadda, you get it

    So, just because of that, me and my friends get our DS’s out and play multiplayer in places like that ;p Call us a promoteam =D Haha

    No, but seriously, I thought blowing in the mic was common ^^;
    It even inflates the balloon lots faster than holding select 😉

  5. Is this what we’ve become? Hanging out at Grandma’s house, blowing into a piece of plastic? 😛

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