What If..?

It seems that every generation has a series of consoles that battle over gaming dominance. Probably the greatest was Nintendo VS Sega.  I actually loved both systems equally, but always leaned a little towards Nintendo.

At times the NES/Sega battle got pretty intense with advertisements such as the one pictured above.  At the time it was great seeing them battle it out because new and exciting games were always arriving.  When one system released a game, Final Fantasy for example, the other counter attacked with a similar game, such as Phantasy Star.  To this day, I have to admit that Phantasy star was a great series (even though I am a Final Fantasy fan), and I love Phantasy Star 3’s unique play over multiple generations.

Sadly, there had to be a winner in the NES/Sega battle.  I am glad that NES won, but the constant back and forth between the two kept things exciting.  I don’t think anyone actually had a strict devotion to one console back then,  we just played for the love of the game.

Today’s console wars seem to be fairly quiet.  The big dogs seem to be Sony and Microsoft, but their focus seems to be on the system itself rather than the games.  Each has their die hard fans for one reason or another but neither is winning or losing the battle. I think a reason that the battle has not intensified is that too many games are available on multiple systems.  back in the day that was almost unheard of!  Sure it happened, but rarely.  Releasing a game on only one system would force the other systems to answer back with, hopefully, a bigger and better game.

Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo is still a big player in today’s console battlefield, but I think the big boys look at the NOA as the Canada of gaming.  Sure they have a defense and are ready to react at a moments notice, but they pose no threat to the more aggressive nations. I would love to see Nintendo get back in the battle, and Microsoft and Sony admit that NOA can be an admirable foe once again.

I had a thought last night while playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my Retron.   How great would it be if Sega got back into eh console game and reignited the fire between them and Nintendo?  What if they rebuilt their mascot base (minus Sonic, of course) and put the focus back on the games?  I am not saying they need to dummy down the system, but make it great as a stand alone system and make the games the reason to buy the system once again?  I realize this will probably never happen, but What if…?



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  1. wakko1337 says:

    Yeah, what if…
    Nintendo would be a stronger company from it. Agitation develops motivation and whatnot. They need someone, hell it could be Sony or Microsoft, to start throwing pot shots at them like Sega did. The industry as a whole would be better, because we’d get the strongest consoles and games any company could make the FIRST time and not need all these cheaper, smaller versions. But there’s the thing, people are so tight today; start making little picks at another company and they don’t come back at you, they throw a lawyer at your face.

  2. Nerddana says:

    I remember leaning toward Sega in my youth. In fact, the only game I played for both Sega and Super Nintendo was the Mortal Kombat series…

    Now it’s great to have a job with *some* disposable income, because I can own more than one system. Another issue that might have had something to do with console dominance in homes. It wasn’t really heard of to have multiple gaming consoles, especially ones from different companies. Got to pick one every couple years for Christmas. So making games that define the console is key. There are so many reasons to already own a Nintendo system, amplifying that would definitely (and does) keep them right up there as an acknowledged competitor in the gaming market. Plus, the name alone is household in video game culture.

  3. Shizknocko says:

    Perhaps I misunderstood the intention of the article but the Wii has outsold both the 360 and PS3. Wouldnt that define Nintendo as the clear Top Dog of this Generation thus far?
    Anyone want to clarify what Im missing?

  4. HyperSonic says:

    Sorry, but uh… One small tidbit caught my eye.

    “Minus Sonic of course?”

    Now, clearly I have a bit of bias if the name wasn’t evidence enough, but… I’m pretty sure Sonic has had MUCH better games as of late. Unleashed invented the modern Sonic formula, essentially, and Generations and Colors were significant improvements to both gameplay, and portrayal of plot (though yes, the plot of Generations was pretty weak). And heck, Sonic 4 and All-Stars Racing were actually a little more than decent, just not stellar.

    But yeah, that’s my little schpeel. I definitely agree with 99% of this post.

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