What happened to the last batch of first party GameCube games?

What happened to the last remaining first party GameCube titles that were never released? I’m talking about Super Paper Mario, Donkey Kong Bongo Blast, and the unnamed Kirby adventure game. While Super Paper Mario and DK Bongo Blast were confirmed to to be jumping ship from GameCube to Wii, I haven’t heard a word about the Kirby game. According to an IGN preview from 2005, Kirby sounded like it could be promising:

“Kirby’s first full-scale action game for Nintendo GameCube arrives with a variety of modes, including a wild multiplayer adventure. The story begins when Kirby sets out to get the stolen Warpstar back from King Dedede. It’s tough going for Kirby when he’s on his own…so it’s a good thing he can catch a ride on the backs of his helpers. Utilizing a new attack system, Kirby can gain power by riding on up to three helpers. The more helpers, the more powerful the attack. It’s up to Kirby to save the beautiful world of Dream Land.” Hit up the source link below to see some screenshots and video of the game.

I so want to play these games! They were nowhere to be found on Nintendo’s recently released first quarter Wii release list. Since these games started out as GameCube projects several years ago, you’d think they’d be pretty far along and that we would have heard something by now. Hopefully, Nintendo will make an announcement about these titles this year. Releasing them would be the perfect way to prevent a potential Wii software drought in ’07.

I’m not alone in wondering about the whereabouts of these games, am I?