What GameCube Really Means

Next Generation online has just posted a rather critical article on the GameCube. While the article makes some valid points, I disagree when they say the GameCube didn’t innovate. They even say Wind Waker wasn’t a great game and called GTA3 the most creative game of the past generation?…. Uh…yeah. Mindlessly walking around shooting people and hooker power-ups just screams innovation.

They claim the only reason Nintendo is still in business is because it caters to children that Xbox and PS2 neglect. While this may be partly true, I just read that 40% of GameCube owners are over 18.

Look, I understand it’s important to be critical for a company to improve. I just think a lot of Next Generation’s accusations are a little off the mark and a bit cliche. We’ve heard all these statements before. How ’bout something a little more… “creative” NG?



  1. The article just seems like he’s writing it from a very, very subjective point of view. Much of it did have some backing, but I think he could have taken a different approach or offered pluses to what the Cube offers besides apparently telling us “what the gamecube REALLY means” and for the most part saying its a bad system. These comments made my eyes roll:

    “Grand Theft Auto 3 and its sequels – arguably the most significant creative shift in 21st Century gaming so far”

    “The graphics are often noticeably flatter”

    Come on, give me a break.

  2. I havent read the article but anyone who claims that gta is the best game of the generaton deserves to be shot at (notice the irony ;))

  3. Wow. Some idiot speaking ill of Nintendo. That’s like saying the sky’s blue.

  4. Hmmm…I tried to read the article for 30 mins now and I just can’t display it…it says I have to log in…Iregistered and everything….just don’t see an option to log in…stupid me… 😀

    Well I think GTA 1 was kinda creative and innovative, because this kind of game was new and it gave you a lot of freedom….
    But really innovative and new ? Not really…
    Fun ? Yes ! But the best game(s) ever/this year ? Not at all…
    I’m kinda bored by GTA by now…haven’t even tried San Andreas….I’d rather play Another Code again 😀
    (for my opinion just look at my review in the comments of Games please!)

  5. I never sign up for online accounts unless there’s some purpose to it. Things like this, FilePlanet, and Valve’s Steam (dis)service are just there to piss people off.
    Wind Waker was a great game. Had it been longer, and not had that retarded Tri-force map quest near the end, it would have completely swamped Ocarina of Time, no contest. As for GTA being creative, no. The first game was creative. Every game since has been the same crap with more gloss on it. GTA3 didn’t create free-roaming gameplay, it didn’t create 3D gameplay, it didn’t create the in-game hooker, and it wasn’t the first game to have crappy controls. What did it create? Not a damn thing. GTA3 and Halo are the two most overrated games of all time.

  6. Katamari Damacy was the most creative game of last generation, hands down.

  7. What he’s trying to say about the graphics part is: “I want my Xbox pixelshader 1.1 effects!” As for the PS2, there really is no contest with the GC.

    As for the GTA3 comment, I agree, it’s bullshit. GTA3 is a good game, a 7 or 8 out of ten, perhaps, but it really can’t touch Resi4, Metroid Prime, Pikmin or Wind Waker – or even Halo.

  8. True, Katamari really is a great new concept….but I think there are several innovative games for most systems, but they are not big smash hits, Katamari has not even been ported for Europe…..maybe except some Nintendo titles….

  9. That’s just lazy journalism.

    It’s an argument that’s often trotted out only to be shot down repeatedly. Like the age old “games are the directly responsible for why kids shoot people/I’m useless at raising children” argument.

    And the whole GTA thing really is getting tired. They’re fun for a while, and admittedly GTA3 was a title I played solidly for about 2 months, but then I rented Burnout. I couldn’t play GTA3 after that, it just wasn’t as much fun. That is why people play games right? For fun?

    It just goes to show that GTA isn’t anywhere near untouchable. It’s constantly being shouted about as the most innovative title of the generation, when it’s only gone and spawned a plethora of poorly-executed bastard offspring. That’s great for the industry.

    I wonder, did this guy ever play Donkey Konga? I guess it probably wasn’t innovative enough. Has he ever picked up a DS? Yawn!


  10. I don’t get why this guy’s bitching. Does he seriously want characters like Mario and Zelda to shoot up street with a .45? And is he kidding saying that the PS2 has better graphics than the GCN? What a !@*%$ retard! And sorry if Nintendo wants to make a profit from its business and not use the retarded-as-hell business tactics of Microsoft and Sony. “Deerrr, I’ll thank I’ll creeate a zyztam that don’t maka me a profait,” said Bill Gates.

  11. Clearly a report that is biased against Nintendo. Not that everything they said is BS. I agree the gamecube wasnt innovative. Even though thats what Nintendo is striving for, innovation, thats what the gamecube did the least this generation. In my mind, its the biggest disappointment in Nintendo’s hardware innovations. The virtual boy was innovative, though it was a horible failure. The best part about the gamecube is of course, its great games. And if this report can even agree that gamecube games are amazing, its clearly anti-nintendo. This generation has been a crappy one as far as innovation goes. The open ended freedom in GTA wouldn’t be if it weren’t for the open ended freedom of the Zelda series. The most “next generation” games this generation were GTA3 and metroid prime. No other games offered something so new and amazing. It was anti-nintendo, but it was partially true.

    Oh, and one major thing they forgot to mention is how Nintendo is the biggest cash cow when it comes to video games. Read here http://www.buzzcut.com/article.php?story=2005053122342247 all about how much Nintendo makes. Make sure you read it, its a very interesting read if you want to know more about this industry.

    The gamecube was a failure when it comes to innovation. The gamecube was a runaway success when it comes to quality of games.

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