What GameCube Really Means

Next Generation online has just posted a rather critical article on the GameCube. While the article makes some valid points, I disagree when they say the GameCube didn’t innovate. They even say Wind Waker wasn’t a great game and called GTA3 the most creative game of the past generation?…. Uh…yeah. Mindlessly walking around shooting people and hooker power-ups just screams innovation.

They claim the only reason Nintendo is still in business is because it caters to children that Xbox and PS2 neglect. While this may be partly true, I just read that 40% of GameCube owners are over 18.

Look, I understand it’s important to be critical for a company to improve. I just think a lot of Next Generation’s accusations are a little off the mark and a bit cliche. We’ve heard all these statements before. How ’bout something a little more… “creative” NG?