What do You Readers Like to be Called?


Joshdad, one of our main Infendo forum contributors and an awesome moderator posted a thread a few days ago. He basically asked what the readers of the forums and infendo would like to be called?

What are we?

Infendoites, Infendonites, Infendonians, Infendoians,
Infendoists, Infendoans, Something else?

What do you think we should be called?
I vote for Infendonites.
(Maybe we could be the Knights who say “infendo”)

So I pose the question to you all, what do you think you should be called?

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  1. infencionados?

  2. Infendreaders.

  3. Infenders for the world…or Infendors maybe?

  4. infendINATORS, we’ll be back!
    Or infendints!

    Or maybe an acronym!

  5. I say either Infendoites or Infendonites, either one sounds good to me.

  6. Infendels!

  7. Infendudes and Infendudettes.

  8. Infendonauts, Infendobots, Infendocons, Infendosaurs, Infendors.

  9. Infendorks!

    At video game store I used to work at my name on the recipts was Nintendork lol

  10. duh! Infendoids! haha!

  11. The knights who say “Mii!”

    I say infendoknights sounds good

  12. Personally, I call us a bunch of losers 😀

    GooooOOoo LOSERS! Yay!

    All in favour?

  13. If people from Indiana are Hoosiers, since Infendo stars with In also, we could be Hoosits?

    I like Infendels. Good call, Jim!

  14. Nintendonites


    See what I did there?

  15. Infendoites

  16. Infendogs

  17. Infendoites

  18. Infendors
    Often, truth is so simple and obvious.

  19. The Caz Core.

  20. Perhaps it’s because i’m from stereotypical California, but there is something wonderful about


    Infendudes and Infendudettes.”

    That IS instant awesome.

  21. People, we’re people.

  22. Like I said in the original thread, I like “Infendites”.

  23. pokemons – poke + infendo = infendomons

  24. sorry for the double post but i thought of one more
    or infendomiis

  25. Mindless clickers…. that’s what I feel like on Infendo now that you make us click multiple times to read 1 article. Not to mention removing the full articles from the rss feeds which causes even more clicking!

    Have to say guys I’m starting to come to Infendo less and less these days. Not because the content has go down hill, purely because of the obvious page view hijacking for advertising. You use to be all about the love of Nintendo…. not it seems the love of the dollar has surpassed that.


  26. @ki

    You’re joking right? I mean, you would really stop visiting a great web site, simply because you have to click your mouse 1 or 2 times more than you used to?
    If Infendo has a chance to increase it’s revenue by adding more ads, believe it or not that will actually benefit you. More ads mean more money available, which means more features possible on the site. You’re telling me that you wouldn’t want a better site simply because you have to click your mouse a couple of extra times per page?
    I’ll admit that I can be as lazy as the next guy, but clicking my mouse is really not all that hard.

  27. Infendudes?

  28. How about “you out there in the Infendoverse”?

  29. Infendomons would be nice if it didn’t eventually be used to call us “Infendomorons”…

    I’d stick with Infendites.

    @Ki: if clicking on my mouse one or two extra times keeps the site running, I’m all for it… or are you suggesting we should make donation$?

  30. I understand what you guys are saying and your right, a couple of extra clicks doesn’t seem like much to ask to support such a great site, but I have seen this happen to other sites before with horible outcomes. Do you really want Infendo to be the next ign?

  31. Infendos or fendos

  32. Infendopeeps, maybe?

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