What Do Punk Music, Michale Graves, And Nintendo Have In Common?

What Do Punk Music, Michale Graves, And Nintendo Have In Common?

Nintendo news is a bit slow this morning (Of course, as soon as I post this article, the internet will blow up with news), so I thought I would share a Nintendo experience I had last night.

One of our local bars was having a punk rock show featuring bands such as Menophobia, The Toxics, and Stay Golden.  The headliner was none other than Michale Graves, former lead vocalist of the Misfits!  Now, I love all genres of music, but for some reason punk just sort of finds a place in my heart, maybe it is the rawness and honesty of the sound.

The Venue was fairly low key and intimate.  there were not a lot of people, so my wife and I got the chance to actually talk with Michale Graves for a bit and take pictures as well as receive autographs.  It was also a nice surprise to see some bands that we know very well, such as Nicole Peddie and Pure Star Movement (Both of which are huge Nintendo fans).

As you can see in the picture above, taken with my awesome iPhone camera, I was wearing my retro Nintendo shirt.  I honestly just remember grabbing the shirt and throwing it on without looking at the picture on the front.

It seems everywhere I went, people pointed out the shirt and shared smalls stories about their love for Nintendo and how they miss the retro consoles.  I found it amazing that so many people in one place, each with different lifestyles and backgrounds, could be linked together with a love of punk music and Nintendo.

The atmosphere was great, and everyone was having fun.  The opening acts brought a level of energy that pulsated through the walls and floors.  As the openers winded down, and Michale Graves hit the stage, hyper crowd slowly mellowed out as Michale Graves serenaded us with a mesmerizing acoustic set.

Sure, this article is not about Nintendo breaking news, or a anything significant to the consoles, but it is about the unity and common ground shared between the many people in attendance.  I am still basking in the amazingness of the night, I might have stayed up too late, got up too early, and will drink gallons of coffee today, but I made some new friends, hung out with some old ones, and got to meet Michale Graves (Who is a Nintendo fan himself).

Now don’t get me wrong, Nintendo was not the main subject of the night.  In fact, the night was about the music, but Nintendo discussions sure did bring some smiles and memories back to the people there.

Have you ever had an experience where Nintendo became an unlikely subject matter?


Also, for any Michale Graves fans, check out the Wii Skin below, I just might need to purchase this!

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