Well-informed techie’s shop for Nintendo

The Wii makes The Boston Globe’s “well-informed techie holiday gift guide.”

Wii gets you off your duff
Go ahead, grab another hunk of fruitcake. With Nintendo’s Wii gaming system, you’ll be bowling and boxing back down to your preholiday weight class. One of my students recently brought his Wii into the classroom. Facing a projector screen, and with our wireless Wii Remotes and Nunchuk controllers in our fists, we boxed until the kid beat the tar out of me — in one round. There has been a bit of hype around reports about “Wii elbow” and of remotes flying out of players’ hands. But all real sports come with the risk of injury. Wii is not for wimps. Suggested retail price is about $250, but you’ll probably have to wait until after the holidays to pay that. The system is selling for several hundreds more on many websites.

Hear that? It’s an oncoming wave of Wii fitness knockoff’s coming down the developer pipeline.

Touch Generation titles Brain Age, Brain Boost: Beta Wave, and Brain Boost: Gamma Wave also make the list. Oh, and that little white bombshell the Nintendo DS make an appearance on page 2. Who knew that song “White Christmas” was actually about trendy plastic casings?