Weekend News Roundup

Quite a bit of news broke over the weekend (especially today). Here’s what going on if you haven’t already hear. What has you most excited?


  1. The “Was the cube a failure” doesn’t work

  2. That link works now. It’s another one of those Dreamcast-fan-was-burned-by-Sega-and-GameCube-is-not-as-good-as-Xbox-or-PS2 diatribes.

  3. I think Nintendo did great with the GameCube! The only shortcoming of the GameCube was the lack of online gameplay, and that wasn’t really a fault with the hardware. Nintendo was simply not ready to offer an online service, and I believe it was a wise move to hold back.

    NOW they are ready, and I think it is another wise move on their part to hold back on HD and other services not directly related to gaming, making their new console more affordable.

  4. That article was not worth linking to. So horrible. It’s not even worth talking about.

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