Nintendo Execs and Public Speaking

It was rumored earlier this week that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata would speak at the Game Developer’s Conference this year and has now been confirmed. From the article: “Iwata’s speech will take place on Thursday, March 23, from 10:30 to 11:30am. Entitled ‘Disrupting Development,’ [the] speech will appeal to developers to take more risks and use their imagination as a tool to further the games industry.”

Reggie Fils-Aime will be speaking at DICE on February 9 as well. Think we can expect any new unveilings, or will the big N wait until E3?

[Thanks, Justin. Source: N-sider]


  1. Oops. There we go. Works now.

    Anyway, I’m really hoping something gets said at DICE. I need something to tide me over until March rolls around. February is SUCH a long month, you know…!

  2. Hrm. Are comments filtered again or something? I’m not getting any error messages, but no comments are showing up. o.o

  3. I sure hope something, ANYTHING will be revealed this Thursday cus waiting for E3 is taking FOREVER! Ahhh! Especially seeing how E3 will be the same period I’m doing my final exams! >_<'

  4. “Especially seeing how E3 will be the same period I’m doing my final exams! >_<'"

    I know!! the same thing happens to me and it drives me nuts! My friend had to physically pry me from the pc when all the new Zelda videos were released because I had an exam that afternoon! 😐

  5. From the synopsis of the speech, it sounds like they won’t say much about the Revolution. Of course, everyone will be watching “just in case”, so why not make a minor announcement of some sort??

  6. Maybe if we’re lucky, Iwata might do a ‘one more thing’ ala Steve Jobs style! 8-D

    Ok it probably won’t happen but here’s to the dream! ^_^’

  7. I hope the revolution gets released before summer…

  8. This may sound negative, but it isn’t: I hope Nintendo manages to become the “independent filmaker” of the videogame world.

    I can’t count how many sub-$5 million movies I’ve seen in the past year that were leaps and bounds above the $100 million “blockbusters” that get shoveled onto an ever increasing pile of you know what every summer. Nintendo just doesn’t seem to care about the strategy of Sony or MS, and I think that’s with good reason. Why bother? The “hardcore gamer” sect is shrinking every year, and the games they play are no different, on a basic level, than the DOOM I played in the early 90’s.

    But you know what I’m still playing? That’s right, at 24 I’m playing kiddie games, and enjoying myself.

    I won’t be a hypocrite and say I don’t enjoy the occasional $100 million film, but when I do, I always go in in with low expectations and with my brain conveniently turned off.

    If Nintendo can break this mega corporate game trend that’s been killing innovation for the past few years, then I think the whole industry will be better off because of it.

  9. Way to go J B Cougar, couldn’t agree more, who needs the shallow mongoloid GTA lover… Pikmin Power!!!
    (I’m 30 BTW)

  10. I remmeber a cooment once (maybe in 4cr) about a paramedic playing nintendo to forget about his real job of people stabbed, blood and needles and real life I guess. He never liked those gangsta street games that plague gaming today. I guess what why we all like nintendo, Its pure fantasy entertaintment. I don’t wanna come to my house to play a game of shooting people if I already saw that thing on the news. now, if I was shooting ducks and some dogs laughed at me for missing, THAT IS FUN!

  11. I agree with you JB and GameGod, however, there doesn’t seem to be any end in site with regard to 100M$ heaps of crap movies. The summer blockbuster has been going strong for 30 years now. Hopefully games developers can break the trend a little sooner. I would take pikmin over Halo any day.

    Also, please do us all a favor and don’t succumb to the MYTH that nintendo games are “kiddie”. In my mind, a game like pikmin is far more cerebral and engaging than even the best Halo or GTA style game. Personally, I have found that Nintendo games attract people over 23+ just as much as people under 13. Its the people age 14-20 that really seem to worry about the “image” of a console and if the games are “cool” enough. It seems its the “kids” that worry if a game has a kiddie image. Which tells me more kiddies play xbox than gamecube. Adults dont seem to care so much what other people think about their gaming. To my mind, this is the way to be. Nintendo games may often have graphics that appeal to young audiences but they often offer themes and “hidden” qualities/references that appeal to adults.
    Also, they tap more into the “pure fun” quality I look for in a game.

  12. I want a system where I can play Halo AND Pikmin!

    Sadly, this will never happen… Happily, I can afford to buy an Xbox AND a Revolution!

  13. Metroid Prime 3 and Pikmin 3 should do you nicely InvisibleMan. Also, I have very high hopes for the FPS Ubisoft is developing for the Rev. I predict that the controller is going to change FPS to the point where games like halo will seem archaic in comparison. When Rev comes out (at about the same time as Halo3 I’m guessing), and we finally experience the Revs FPS control mechanics, I guarantee the 360 crowd is going to have massive controller envy.

  14. I’d love to see what Ubi comes up with. Especially if they can create a visually rich game like Beyond Good & Evil and pair that with creative game play using the Rev’s controller.

    It would also be nice to see the return of a true adventure game, like Monkey Island. That would be fun and easy to control with the Rev’s controller.

  15. Hey Vakero, that comment was Comment of the Week here on Infendo! ^_^

    Michael, Halo 3 has been confirmed to not be coming out this year so, judging by ur thinkin, the 360 crowd will prob suffer more without a decent FPS to contend with.

    I do hope and believe that someone will give the Revolution the next great shooter…and start a whole new era of [name of FPS]-clones.

    Iwata won’t reveal anything other than a more specific timetable, price, and some wifi details. I think.

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