Weekend Discussion: What Game Do You Love To Hate?

AngryMarioWe all have that game that has become our obsession, our Kryptonite, our admiration, and our hate.  For me, it is Milon’s Secret Castle.  For some reason, I love that game, yet I cannot get past the first level for the life of me.  I have literally spent hours trying to solve the way to the next level, but to no avail.  I know that there are many youtube videos out there that can guide me through, but I refuse to use them.  I want to do it on my own.  I don;t play it as often as I sued to, but every so often I blow the dust out of the cartridge, shove it into my trusty old NES, and grab a cold one before attempting to avoid disappointment.

So, what is your go to game that you love to hate?

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  1. I have a current one, and I just got it yesterday: Pokemon Battle Trozei. I never played the original, but I thought I’d like it because I like Pokmeon and puzzle games. Well, the game is devilishly tricky, which surprises me, considering the Pokemon series is geared towards kids. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually, but for now I love to hate how difficult it is to excel at!

  2. Lou says:

    I don’t really have an entry, but I will say that when I was a kid I remember playing the infamous ET on Atari over and over again. It’s legendary as a horrifically awful game, but for whatever reason I loved it.

  3. Colin Crompton says:

    Seriously: Pokemon, why would you want to capture innocent creatures into slavery!!
    Jokingly: Mario Party, the damn Bowser space!!!

  4. Essel Pratt says:


    I still have a copy, or two, of E.T. Of all the consoles that I own, I would imagine that I probably have one game on each that would count. However, since we are talking about Nintendo here, I will also add all three CD-i Zelda games (Which are not as bad as everyone makes them out to be. They have the difficulty of many original NES games with enhanced graphics and slow load times. If they were not associated with TLoZ, then I think their reception would have been much better.

    I will also say that I do go back to Silver Surfer, Back to the Future, and Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde every so often as well. Although, not as often as Milon’s Secret Castle.

  5. Wii Bert says:

    I’m going to sat Flash Back the quest for identity. I feel like I’ve been playing this game my whole life and I’ve never made it past the second level, but for some reason I still think it’s an awesome game.
    Also failing a quest in Monster Hunter after doing battle for 50 minutes drives me crazy, especially if it’s because a Diviljho crashes the party.

  6. Wii Bert,

    Agreed about Monster Hunter, though I’ve never fought a Deviljo: the game just infuriates me in other ways, like when I’m fighting a Gigginox by myself. I’ve never had a smooth battle with a Gigginox solo. Still, gotta love it!

  7. Colin Crompton says:

    An uninvited Deviljho is the worst thing in Monster Hunter.

  8. Zac Morris says:

    Pokemon Generation 4, just because of the whole God thing.

  9. tcase says:

    Zelda : Majora’s Mask

  10. La Mulana(pc release),haven’t played the Wiiware release yet.

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